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* 2009 EPNET Legacy Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award recipient *
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Welcome to Emmy Vickers Enterprises (EvE)! A professional development and training consulting firm transforming lives nationwide. Our focus, teach entrepreneurs, professionals, and business leaders the art and science of building relationships. Specifically, how to use effective networking tools and techniques to improve and cultivate business relationships; thereby, generating business revenue.

Making new connections SHOULD NOT be NERVE-WRACKING, SCARY, or DAUNTING!! For me, networking is now fun, exciting, and I meet some of the most amazing people! … and so can you! You would never guess that just 13 years ago, I was that shy fearful person wandering aimlessly or holding up a wall; dreading the moment when someone would approach me and ask "what do you do?" Or having to approach a stranger and begin what's called "small-talk." Not enjoying the networking experience, many times I would simply just leave the event. The result…for two years I had minimal business growth.

As business owners and professionals, we are told it's all about who you know that determines your success. Hence, why NETWORKING is VITAL in today's world! It's not just about WHO YOU know; it's about WHO KNOWS YOU! Let's take it one step further...It's about WHO KNOWS YOU AND will VOUCHE for you because they know, like and trust you, and they truly have a connection with you!

I'd like to share a story to bring this point home. A business associate (Edwin Thornsharpe) was constantly name dropping to me in terms of who he knew and who I should meet. After 3½ years I finally said to him, "you have mentioned several times you know Joe Schmoe, would you please give me an email introduction? I would like to explore ways Joe and I might be able to collaborate." This is where the problem began and my instinct was on the money. Edwin did know Joe Schmoe and Joe KNEW OF Edwin, but Joe DID NOT KNOW Edwin in terms of having a know-like-trust relationship. The good news, I made the connection. However, I went through another person who truly had the relationship with Joe Schmoe. Joe and I are now in collaboration.

Business networking is a marketing tool that requires strategy, processes, techniques, and being a giver. Let EvE be your business navigator to building relationships and teams for your business success. We provide: interactive keynote speaking, onsite training, individual and group coaching.

EvE educates, empowers, guides and motivates. LEARN and you will be educated, guided, and motivated. Learn something new every day, and you will have one more tool to use. Build relationships and you will have a TEAM TO STAND WITH YOU!

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